who we are

The best known artist curators with an International Reputation. The only ones to serve a genuinely 360° solution catering from Classes to Masses.

Our History

With a cummulative experience of 27 years, our focus has always been on the Quality of the work above quantity. We understand th importance of the clients' budget and expectations, as well as the importance of community.
The most important aspect has been our specific Technical knowledge, that has given us an edge in delivery over other entities.
This has helped us grow and partner with some of the most reputed persons and brands in the industry within a very short time.

In addition, We care for our community, protect their welfare, and have always focussed on building progressive and sustainable concepts. Our motto of inclusivity helps us ensure to create an extremely conducive and comfortable environment for all our team members as well as clients.

Verified company

A verified entity built strong through sheer good word of mouth.

Our experience

Cummulative 27+years across the board has helped the relatively young company vertical see breakthrough success and trust within both artist and client community.

Our Foundation

Inclusivity in team building; Excellence in delivery; Sheer hard work and honest dealing. Creating a conducive work environment for the women associated with us (clients, artists, coordinators etc.)

Expat & International Artists

We believe in doing our best to provide one of the safest and most conducive work environments to all our artists

Our goal

To bring benefit and happiness to all our partners, affiliates, and audiences.

our causes

With Great Entertainment, We Also Believe In A Good Deed. As an 'Organization with a Heart' we like to work towards the following causes.

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Upcoming Events

Our events usually see audiences running into thousands. Wanna Grab Your Space Now? Ask Us How!

The World Music Festival

A copyright concept bringing sustainability and amalgamation of world music & culture together through Eminent artists, for the welfare & awareness of 7 different causes.

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